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When booking a class you confirm...
You are in good health & are well enough to join class.

You understand that I, as your instructor, hold no liability for any injuries sustained during your practice.

You will wear a mask when entering & exiting the venue (this can be removed whilst on your mat) & you will social distance.

You will adhere to the manufacturers guidelines for use of your equipment - you will need a yoga mat plus any props you have (a yoga block can be useful plus a blanket for the gentler part of class). I have sanitised mats to lend if absolutely necessary.

Further information...

Please make sure to use your correct email address so you can receive confirmation.

Please arrive a MAX of 15 mins & MIN 5 mins before class start time, you will not be able to join after we begin & your ticket cannot be transferred/refunded.

On Zoom, once class begins all participants audio will be MUTED & you have the option to keep your camera ON or OFF.

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